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By Dr. Melissa Smith
May 16, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Metal amalgam fillings used to be the default option after a cavity treatment, but patients weren’t always happy about how this silvery tooth colored fillingsmetallic material darkens the top of each tooth. Tooth-colored fillings make all the difference when you consider how well the material blends with the rest of your tooth enamel. Discover the benefits of this option when you visit Dr. Melissa Smith at his St. Peters, MO, dentist office.

Having Cavities Treated with Tooth-Colored Fillings
A cavity is the first stage of tooth decay. It usually does not cause tooth pain and must be detected by a dentist. Luckily, it is relatively easy to treat at this stage. The decayed matter is drilled out of the enamel, leaving a clean hole that must be refilled to protect the tooth. In the past, metal amalgam was the filling material, but nowadays dentists and their patients often opt for tooth-colored fillings instead. They are usually composed of a material called composite resin.

Why More Patients Are Choosing This Option
If you have ever noticed someone who has metal fillings on their back teeth, you probably understand why more patients want to explore the tooth-colored option. It is preferred for cosmetic reasons. After the material is applied and your St. Peters dentist gently contours the pits and fissures, it looks very normal and natural.

Keep Your Smile
Even though you may have to lose a bit of enamel to have a cavity treated, you get to keep your beautiful smile when you choose tooth-colored fillings. The only way to tell that you have a filling is to look at the tooth on an X-ray picture. 

Smile, Laugh, Live with Comfort
You don’t have to be worried that someone will notice that you had a cavity before when you choose tooth-colored fillings. Call 636-447-6060 today to get help from Dr. Smith at his dentist office in St. Peters, MO.

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